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French Road Signs

Posted by jdeuling on July 24, 2017
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French Road Sign Arret

Many French road signs such as ‘Stop’ signs or signs with photos of a deer or cow are well known.

Shapes and colors of warning and information boards are standardized in Europe.

Below you will find some French texts that you can encounter on road signs in France:

Accotements non-stabilisés – soft berm

Allumez vos feux – switch on your hazard lights

Arrêt – stop

Cedez le passage – give way (usually at intersections)

Chaussée deformée – poor road surface

Convoi exceptional – exceptional transport (often on the back of other vehicles)

Élagage – pruning machines further down the road

Fauchage – mowing work further down the road

Gravillons – gravel

Halte péage – stop at the toll station

Pas de salage – slip hazard

Pensez de nos enfants – think of our children

Verglas – black ice

Virage – dangerous bend

Vous n’avez pas la priorité – you do not have the priority and must give way

Fin de chantier – end of works/site/roadworks

Ralentir travaux – slow down, road works ahead

Passage piétons – pedestrian crossing

Chaussée glissante – slippery road

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