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Overview of the documents you may need when moving to France | Buying a house in France
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Overview of the documents you may need when moving to France

Posted by James Mansfield on July 25, 2017
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living in france

Valid passport


Work permit (if applicable)

Driving license, auto insurance papers, and registration certificate.

Birth certificate

Marriage Certificate / Divorce Act

Family register

Certificate of Health Insurance or European Health Insurance Card

Sworn translations of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and all your diplomas.

The last three pay slips

Copies of the last three payments of the rent

Proof of ownership of property or proof of residence

Some gas, water and light proof of payments (not older than six months)

Bank account details in the country of origin

Prove that you have sufficient financial resources (a letter of your bank, for example)

A new employment contract (if applicable)

An updated version of your resume and references. Translated into French.

Passport photos in color

Most recent tax return

A statement about behavior

Medical certificate (also from the dentist)

Tip: Make from each document a few copies. Put a complete set in a plastic folder and take the folder to any official appointment.

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